SKX black mod with customized forged carbon aftermarket MM dial


“Stealth diver” style has a great number of fans in Seikomod world. Our customer this time is a young guy who wants to own a full black diver with rubber strap. Furthermore, he also requires us to make it has a creative colorway instead of being a standard full black diver like the others.

So here are the parts we chose:

  • Matte black SKX style modding case
  • Customized black forged carbon MM style dial with logo and a red text line
  • MM SLA style hands set with red MM300 style second hand.
  • SKX style chapter ring with red hour markers
  • Double-domed sapphire with bevel & blue AR coating
  • Matte black coin edge bezel
  • Mattle black SKX style steel insert
  • Mattle black coin edge crown with S logo
  • Curved-end rubber strap & matte black buckle
  • Seiko NH35a movt

Check out some pictures of our customer mod below and please send us a messege if you want one.

Customized dial with logo & red text line

Thank you for reading. Please have a nice day with this modding hobby!

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