Black and steel SKX mod with OEM Boruto SRPF65 dial


With the gorgeous OEM dial from Seiko Boruto limited edition SRPD, the owner created a great sporty build. Grey-brown spiral pattern of Boruto dial already makes it very eye-catching at center, but the whole watch can be more unique by mixing between black and steel parts as owner’s idea.

All parts for this build:

  • Seiko SKX007 OEM case
  • OEM Seiko Boruto SRPF65 dial from 6012watches
  • Skeleton SKX hands
  • Polished 0-60 steel chapter ring
  • Tophat at first, then changed to double domed sapphire with red AR in final version
  • Polished black coin edge bezel
  • Black with red 12 ceramic insert
  • Polished black coin edge crown with S logo
  • Upgrade to Seiko 4r36a with dual color calendar wheels
  • Black rubber band from Monstrap

Check out some pictures of our customer mod below and send us a messege if you want one.

Special thanks to Mr. Xuân Hưng for the build and pictures!

The Seiko Boruto SRPF65 limited edition

Thank you for reading. Please have a nice day with this modding hobby!

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