Audemars Penguin mod with OEM Seiko SRPG57 combo


My customer bought an AP homage from Pagani Design before and now he ask us to make a mod using that case for him. This watch already runs NH35 movement which is very suitable for Seiko Mod, but then we realize that its original dial is much more bigger than 28.5mm Seiko standard size.

After discussion and some efforts to put a SKX chapter ring into the case, we’re glad to know that he feels so happy with the watch now!

Here are the parts we used:

  • Pagani PD-1673 as base watch
  • Seiko OEM Monster penguin SRPG57 dial & hands from our store
  • SKX navy blue chapter ring
  • Blue Seigaiha rotor to complete the build

Check out our customer mod below and kindly send us a message if you want one.

Thanks for reading. Wish you have a good time with this modding hobby!

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